Case Study - Walk & Train

Learning to leave

Learning to leave

DOG: Lockie

Breed: Labrador Retriever 

Age: 2 years

3 main struggles: 

**Problem 1: **Picking up things off the ground (cat poo!) during walks  

**Problem 2: **Pulling on leash

**Problem 3: **Difficult to manage walks due to his 40kg size 

Programs Participated: Group Training Classes and Walk & Train Program & Dog Walks 

We asked Ellen to let us know how her training program with Pet Professor was, and she had this to say:

What was going on with your dog before working with Pet Professor? What were some of the problems you were facing?

Lockie is a big, strong Labrador. He was pulling on the leash and eating stuff off the street (cat poo, food including discarded chicken bones).   He was becoming difficult to control when he wanted something.  It wasn’t safe for me or for him.  

What was it that you wanted from your relationship with your dog that you didn’t have?

A pleasant walk! He was okay but it was going in the wrong direction.  I wanted to take him anywhere or have my elderly mother and kids be able to walk him without fearing that he will pull them over or into the street.  

What was stopping you from getting the ‘perfect dog’? 

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I was rewarding but maybe at the wrong time or didn’t ask enough of him.  Everyone had a different opinion which was causing some tension.  

What inspired you to sign up to this program and what was it that helped you make the decision to commit to this training?

I am not a dog trainer.  The people around me who had very strong opinions are not dog trainers either.  I wanted him trained the right way.  I had dogs growing up in the country so we didn’t worry about roads, traffic or other dogs.  Bringing up a dog in the city is really challenging.  

Walk us through what your experience has been working with me and/or my team?

We had an initial consult with Marianne to discuss what behaviours we need to work on.  Then Marianne collected him and took him for a walk. It was really easy for me!   There was a couple of sessions where you join them and Marianne explains what she has been working on.  

What has been the biggest help to overcoming your initial problems?

Marianne training him properly. I had accidently rewarded him to encourage his bad behaviour and Marianne had sorted that out quick smart. 

Where are you now? How does that make you feel?

Its greatly improved. I walk Lockie every day so its really important that we both enjoy it.  I think it was going downhill so I’m glad Pet Professor got involved.  

How has working with us impacted your daily life with your dog? 

Its greatly improved. I walk Lockie every day so its really important that we both enjoy it.  I think it was going downhill so I’m glad Pet Professor got involved.  

What would be 1-2 pieces of advice that you’d have loved to give yourself or others that are where you were? What would you say to someone considering training with us?

If you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour get professional advice now -don’t hesitate.  Its really important that you have a strong bond with your dog for their happiness and yours.  It has also greatly reduced the tension in the home since his behaviour is much improved. 

And finally, What’s the best thing about your dog?

He’s very chilled, loves to play with other dogs but is really gentle.  When he’s passed out completely, happy as clam, I have done my job.  

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Thank you!!!

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