Case Study - Private Training

No Focus on Walks

No Focus on Walks

DOG: Moses

Breed: English Staffordshire Terrier

Age: 2 years

3 main struggles: 

**Problem 1: **Difficulty to focus

**Problem 2: **Easily excited and barks frequently

**Problem 3: **Separation Anxiety

Program: Behaviour Modification 

We asked Danna-Marie to let us know how her training program with Pet Professor was, and she had this to say:

What was going on with your dog before working with Pet Professor? What were some of the problems you were facing?

Prior to working with the Pet Professor Moses, my Staffy, found it difficult to focus.  He was easily excited and would jump and bark to get your attention.  He was very barky if we out walking and had to stop and wait to cross the road at the traffic lights.

What inspired you to sign up to this program and what was it that helped you make the decision to commit to this training?

I had been advised that Pro Dog training was really beneficial for dogs (and their owners) so I looked for someone who did this type of training.  After doing a one on one with Marianne I immediately saw how a few simple ‘games’ could make a difference. 

Walk us through (no pun intended!) what your experience has been working with me and/or my team?

The one on one was fantastic, it also made me realise that it is up to me to make Moses the best version he can be.  The one on one training gave me some handy hints that have helped in a number of different settings.  Moses now sits quietly at the traffic lights and at the cafe.  The group training on Saturday morning is fun, lots of different games which Moses really likes!  He is having fun while learning (actually we are both learning).

What has been the biggest help to overcoming your initial problems?

Making him focus on me when we are in the car, I can stop him barking just by doing 1..2..3 which is fantastic.

Where are you now? How does that make you feel?

Moses is much more relaxed and chilled.  He comes with me to the cafe and the local for dinner and sits on his mat which is amazing and I can relax more!  It is probably that both of us are more relaxed!

What would be 1-2 pieces of advice that you’d have loved to give yourself or others that are where you were?

Don’t give up.  I think this is a continual learning journey that you need to work at.  My goal is to have a happy, healthy calm dog that is really well behaved in social settings. 

What would you say to someone considering training with us?

Do it!  Don’t hesitate!  

And finally, What’s the best thing about your dog?

Everything!  He has the most lovely nature, he loves a cuddle and he wants to be a good boy!

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