Case Study - Private Training

Reactivity to People & Dogs

Reactivity to People & Dogs

DOG: Gregg

Breed: Jack Russell

Age: Unknown (rescue)

3 main struggles: 

**Problem 1: ** Rescue dog and we are the 4th family he’s had

**Problem 2: **Reactive towards other dogs

**Problem 3: **Reactive towards people

Program Completed: Behaviour Modification

We asked Charlotte to let us know how her training program with Pet Professor was, and she had this to say:

What was going on with your dog before working with Pet Professor? What were some of the problems you were facing?

We have a rescue Jack Russell and we’re his 4th family. He’s both people and dog reactive meaning walking him was really stressful

What inspired you to sign up to this program and what was it that helped you make the decision to commit to this training?

Two close friends had used the pet professor and only had good things to say. I was apprehensive, after having a bad experience with another trainer before, but Marianne has been amazing and we’ve had a really positive result because of her. 

Walk us through (no pun intended!) what your experience has been working with me and/or my team?

Our first contact with Marianne was an over the phone consultation. As I’d had a bad experience before with another trainer I was a bit nervous about it, but Marianne was so supportive, kind and reassuring and really made me feel like things weren’t my fault and they could get better. 

We’ve had a few sessions together now and Marianne has fast become one of Gregg’s favourite people. He absolutely loves seeing her! 

Marianne is so supportive and after our sessions I always feel really positive. We’ve learnt how to keep Gregg calm, notice when he’s getting stressed and how to keep him focused. We’ve seen real improvement in Gregg’s behaviour thanks to Pet Professor and walks don’t feel stressful anymore. 

Marianne also checks in between training sessions. So if I have a question I can email her/ text her for a quick reply. She’s always willing to help. 

What has been the biggest help to overcoming your initial problems?

Realising that I also needed to be trained. Marianne has taught me how to keep calm in stressful situations which also keeps him calm. 

Also that there is no quick fix! Gregg is a rescue and we don’t know what happened to him before. Marianne doesn’t put pressure on us to make him the perfect dog, it’s about giving him confidence that he doesn’t need to react. 

Where are you now? How does that make you feel?

For a while I hated walking Gregg alone and the thought of it was really anxiety inducing. Now, I feel confident walking him and that I have control. Every walk we see an improvement in him, even if they’re only tiny steps, we’re still moving forward and that’s all thanks to Marianne.

What would be 1-2 pieces of advice that you’d have loved to give yourself or others that are where you were?

1. It doesn’t happen over night- there’s no quick fix, so be patient. Training is every day and it’s important to keep up with it - even when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere (you are!)

2. Be open to you being trained, as well as the dog. It’s not just about training your dog, Marianne teaches you to be a better owner. I feel so much more confident and in control now 

What would you say to someone considering training with us?

Do it! If you’re looking for a supportive, non-judgemental trainer the pet professor is the answer! Marianne has a difficult dog herself, so she genuinely understands your experiences - which makes the whole experience feel so much more genuine. 

And finally, What’s the best thing about your dog?

He’s the most loving dog. He’s a bit damaged (as most rescue dogs are) but every day I’m seeing an improvement in him. 

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