Case Study - Walk & Train

Chasing Dogs, Buses and Ball Obsession

Chasing Dogs, Buses and Ball Obsession

DOG: Slim

Breed: Border Collie x Kelpie

Age: 2 years

3 main struggles: 

**Problem 1: **be calm on walks and interacting with other dogs

**Problem 2: **Not be possessive over his ball or fight other dogs in the park for theirs

**Problem 3: **Not try to herd buses

Program:  Walk & Train

We asked Serena to let us know how her training program with Pet Professor was, and she had this to say:

What was going on with your dog before working with Pet Professor? What were some of the problems you were facing?

Before working with Marianne walks were very challenging and sometimes felt like a chore due to the difficulty in managing our dog Slim lead pulling and his reactions to seeing other dogs. We have a second dog who is much calmer and slower on walks so we were desperate to find a balance walking them together. 

What inspired you to sign up to this program and what was it that helped you make the decision to commit to this training?

We were very keen to start working with a trainer and Marianne came highly recommended by our pet behaviour vet. We knew Slim was a smart dog that could learn things quickly and with the right help we would be able to bring some enjoyment to our walks. 

Walk us through (no pun intended!) what your experience has been working with me and/or my team?

It has been a great experience and Marianne and her team are always very responsive. 

What has been the biggest help to overcoming your initial problems?

The biggest help has been learning how to engage with Slim on walks using different games and commands and learning that if he is more interested in us then other things we will be successful. 

Where are you now? How does that make you feel?

We feel more confident walking Slim and overall it has made our walks more enjoyable as a family unit. He enjoys learning things and I am enjoying trying to teach him. We look forward to walks together as a family. 

What would be 1-2 pieces of advice that you’d have loved to give yourself or others that are where you were?

Believe in yourself and your dog it is possible to make changes that benefit the whole family. 

What would you say to someone considering training with us?

Just do it! 

And finally, What’s the best thing about your dog?

Even though he is full of energy he is a ball of sweetness and his face always says I love you. 

Thank you Marianne & Team.

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