Dog training classes

Group dog training classes

From puppies to older dogs that could benefit from learning new tricks, our group classes help you put the BEST in best friend.

Group dog training classes


When it comes to our group classes, we strongly believe you should be able to achieve real results whilst having a blast at the same time.

Our puppy training classes have been designed to help you strengthen your bond with your new puppy while teaching them essential foundation skills.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be ready to take your puppy on an epic training journey. Our Fundamentals Class puts an emphasis on FUN.

Finally, if you’ve caught the training bug, you can progress your skills even further in our advanced classes to get the ultimate superstar dog of your dreams.

Our mission is to help you have such a good time that you and your dog don’t even realise how many invaluable lessons you are picking up along the way.

We have just finished our puppy training course with Marianne and I couldn't recommend it more!

We wanted to start early with our new puppy in order to avoid future issues and with Mariannes tips and tricks specific to our pup, I believe that we have definitely made the right choice. Our little girl Winnie has exceeded our expectations with how quick she has learnt everything and she has had so much fun doing so!


We have just finished our puppy training course with Marianne and I couldn't recommend it more!
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Puppy training class
Puppy training class
Puppy preschool
Puppy training class
Designed for puppies of all breeds and temperaments, our puppy preschool offers rolling enrolment classes which means you can begin as soon as a spot becomes available.
Concepts covered
  • Focus Fundamentals so that you can get and keep your puppy’s attention
  • Practising Proximity so that your puppy stays close
  • Beginner Boundaries to keep your pup out of mischief
  • Creating Confidence to prevent troublesome behaviours in the future
  • Perfecting Play so that it’s fun for everyone
  • Normalising Novelty so that your dog can deal with surprises
Online topics
  • Toilet training
  • Handling & Grooming
  • Home set up
  • Biting & Nipping
  • Enrichment
  • Body Language / Communication
  • Socialisation
  • How Dogs Learn
Course details

Course duration:

Running for 4 weeks, our group training includes an online course with over 3 hours of vital puppy information.


Fairford Rd Animal Hospital – Short Street, Bankstown NSW 2200


7 pm – 8 pm Wednesdays


No more than 6 puppies per class. All dogs must have had at least 1 vaccination 10 days prior to their first class.

Group dog training classes
Group dog training classes
Age 4 months +
Group dog training classes
Master new skills and continue your dog’s training journey - no matter what age or stage of training you’re at, come along to our fundamentals class to learn all about concept training - the innovative new way to train through games-based learning.

With rolling enrolment, you and your dog can come to a class whenever suits you, as long as there is an available space. You can choose a 5 or 10 pack to tackle your training goals.

  • Put the FUN back in your fundamental behaviours
  • Focus on YOU even when on a walk • Learn how to be CALM
  • Practise and build recall skills
  • Value staying near YOU
  • Stronger and longer stationary behaviours for duration stays
  • Loose Lead Walking with all the distractions
  • Really reliable recalls, even around other dogs
  • Curb that enthusiasm! - impulse control with distractions
  • Advanced Foundation behaviours
  • Solid stationary behaviours with high distraction
  • Heeling and proximity in distraction
  • Concept and Trick Training
Course details

Classes run from March 2024-Nov 2024

Course duration:

Drop-in classes, we recommend at least 5 to 10.


Stanmore Public School – Cavendish Street, Stanmore NSW 2048


9-12 am, Saturdays as follows:

Fundamentals class 9am-10am 

Intermediate class 10am-11am

Advanced class 11am-12pm 


Bookings essential - No more than 6 dogs per class



Classes are located in the Inner West and Canterbury regions in Sydney Our group classes for under 16 weeks are held in Bankstown at Fairford Road Animal Hospital and our over 4 month classes are in Stanmore.
We have a fresh approach to dog training and our group classes are no different! From a young age your new puppies mind is learning all the behaviours they will carry with them through life, which makes it the best time for them to learn GOOD behaviours - games based training ensure that you pup is learning new things in a fun and easy way - making it so much better to remember those behaviours in the future.
With our rolling enrolment course, you can usually find a spot within 1-2 weeks - we make sure that your puppy doesn’t miss out on that all-important puppy training window between 8-16 weeks. For our older dogs, you can join classes whenever there is an available space on Saturday.
At this stage we just run classes on Wednesday evenings for puppies under 4 months and Saturdays for over 4 months. You can find us in the inner west/canterbury bankstown area at this stage, we hope to have more classes running in other areas soon.
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