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The cats meow

Cats are complicated creatures.

Sure, they’re fiercely independent and huge fans of personal space, but they also seek out social interaction with their chosen humans. That’s why training your feline friends is so important. Learn how to peacefully coexist while creating an unbreakable bond. It’s all about trust.

The cats meow
How we can help

How we can help

Our resident cat behaviourist will help you better understand your cat, what they need, and how to best provide for those needs in a loving and supportive way. Through behaviour modification and play therapy techniques, we will uncover why your cat may be acting out - no, they aren’t being spiteful - and train them to do what is in their best interest.

Typical behaviours we help with:

  • Litter Box avoidance
  • Excessive Vocalisation
  • Inter-cat aggression
  • Human-directed aggression
  • Unwanted/destructive Scratching
  • Grooming challenges
  • Medication Troubleshooting
  • Urine Spraying
  • Vomiting after eating
  • Introducing a new cat or kitten to the house
  • Attention seeking behaviours
  • Hyperactivity
  • Socialisation issues
  • First time cat owners
  • Traveling/moving advice

We are so pleased with the result!

I am so happy to report that we have reached our goal! Kailey (our cat) is so much calmer and less stressed by Willow (our new dog) in the home. Both of them are now hanging out together on the floor, and Kailey is not restrained. In fact, Willow races towards Kailey to play and Kailey will mostly ignore her! We are so pleased with this result!


We are so pleased with the result!
How a Cat TRAINING session can benefit you

How a Cat TRAINING session can benefit you

Our cat behaviourist can help your pet navigate the complexities of everyday life:

  • Keep your cat and yourself happy in the home - Prevent accidents and other issues in the home - Integrate new pets peacefully / cat introductions don’t have to be a hiss-fest.
The process

The process

01 Book an initial consultation

You will need to complete an intake form to help us get a better understanding of the current problem so that we can help you during your consultation.

02 Confirm your booking

Once you have selected your program - either online or in person you will pre-pay your invoice and find a time to book in for training session.

03 Initial Consultation

During the initial session we will look at all aspects of your current lifestyle with your cat to use as a basis for our training and behaviour change recommendations.

04 End of Program

After the consultation you will receive a copy of your training plan with the outlined training recommendations to solving your cat and have 1 month's support in implementing the necessary changes.

The process

Marianne is great!

She helped me train my cat Charlotte so she responds to my basic commands and stopped chewing my flowers


Marianne is great!

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We serve clients from all around Australia with our online sessions. We are located in the Inner West , Sydney and if you prefer in person, travel around most of Sydney’s suburbs for private training.
Yes, absolutely you can train a cat - just search cat training on Instagram or YouTube and see what comes up. What we do however, is problem solve your cat’s behavioural issues - there are lots of cat owners out there who have had cats their whole lives, and don’t even realise how little they know about their cat, keeping them happy and what exactly they need to do to help solve common everyday problems.
We can get started right away! Booking your initial appointment is usually done within 1 week of booking, sometimes earlier. We only take on a limited number of clients a month to ensure we can be available through your training program.
As we are not Vets and don’t need to lay eyes on your cat to help you solve your behavioural problems, we really don’t need to be ‘in the room’ with them to help! Our clients that have completed our online training are usually wow’d by how much they learn in their session -and we even make sure to video them for them to refer back to as well as sending out the comprehensive training plan that we create at the end of the consultation.
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